Raytheon ELCAN Optical technologies

Ricky Freeman

Ricky Freeman, Regional Sales Manager, SE USAVP Sales & BD, United States
Cell: 850.293.0849
Email: r-freeman@raytheon.com

Jack Davidson

Jack Davidson, Sales ManagerSales Manager
Cell: 705.790.6283
Email: jdavidson@ELCAN.com


Edgar Reyes

Edgar Reyes, Regional Sales Manager NW Central USARegional Sales Manager
NW Central USA
Mobile: 360.865.1045
Email: ereyes@raytheon.com

John Dutchyshyn

Jack Smith, Medical Product ManagerRegional Sales Manager
S. California, Nevada
Cell: 213.309.3309
Email :john_dutchysyn@raytheon.com


Debra Childers

Debra Childers, Regional Sales Manager SW USARegional Sales Manager
Mobile: 520.282.1416
Email: Debra.S.Childers@raytheon.com

John Reddy

John Reddy, Regional Sales Manager, East Coast USARegional Sales Manager
Richardson Facility
Cell: 508.954.4629
EmEmail: john.j.reddy@raytheon.com


Nick Lindsay

Nick Lindsay, Regional Sales Manager, United KingdomRegional Sales Manager
United Kingdom
Mobile: +44 (0) 7815-192-899
Email: nlindsay@ELCAN.com

Maria Micko

Maria Micko, Regional Salaes Manager, GermanyRegional Sales Manager
Cell: +49 170 33 10 309
Email: mmicko@ELCAN.com


Guillermo de la Llana

Guillermo de la Llana, Regional Sales Manager, SpainRegional Sales Manager
Cell: +34 (618) 790847

Jean Claude Poree

Jean Claude Poree, Regional Sales Manager, France/EuropeRegional Sales Manager
Cell: +33 (0) 6 07 09 3505
Email: jcporee@ELCANeurope.com

More information about our Global Sales Offices and Regional Sales Managers is available here


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