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Process for Performance

At Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies, we understand the unique requirements of the Medical/Biophotonic customer.

Raytheon ELCAN has over 160 years of high precision, custom optical experience and over 60 years of bringing mission-critical defense programs to market.

Defense programs are inherently disciplined, organized and structured while medical programs tend to be less disciplined but no less time dependent. Raytheon ELCAN's disciplined program management ensures that medical programs not only bring new visions to light, but also that our medical customers meet timelines, manufacturability and performance specifications as well.

This approach keeps cost and performance targets in reach and controls project creep. The documentation and traceability also facilitates meeting regulatory requirements.

The Discipline may cost more up front, but pays dividends with executable programs that meet and often exceed customer expectations.

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Discipline in Program Management

Process for Performance

An interview with Evan Cameron, Director, Program Management

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