Prototype Toolrom

The toolroom specializes in rapid prototyping and small lot production runs.This department takes raw pieces of metal and new designs and creates prototypes that are used as the standards for future production runs.

The toolroom has 20 highly trained tool and die makers with an average of at least 10 years experience. All apprentices are required to spend part of their apprenticeship in the Toolroom to familiarize themselves with operation of both CNC and non-CNC machines.

Prototype Assembly

Prototype assembly builds highly precise, detailed, and sensitive assemblies. Prototype assembly:

  • Produces precisely centered lens assemblies, controlling the mechanical manufacturing and tolerancing.
  • Precisely aligns large prisms and lens assemblies for heads-up displays.
  • Builds extremely difficult auto-irises which requires a combination of extreme manual dexterity and ultra-precise concentration.
  • Prototype tests the spatial frequency of assemblies using what is known as the knife edge system.

Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent engineering is different than the traditional product development approach in that it employs simultaneous, rather than sequential, processes. By completing tasks in parallel, product development can be accomplished more efficiently and at a substantial cost savings.

Rather than completing all physical manufacturing of a prototype prior to performing any testing, concurrent engineering allows for design and analysis to occur at the same time, and multiple times, prior to actual deployment. This multidisciplinary approach emphasizes teamwork through the use of cross-functional teams, and it allows for employees to work collaboratively on all aspects of a project from start to finish.

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