• More than 40 production coaters
  • Over 1,000 approved coatings
  • 10,000 class cleanroom with additional 14,000 sq ft 1,000 class cleanroom
  • Coatings range from high reflector metals (gold, silver, aluminum, copper, etc.) to UV, visible, Near, Mid and Far infrared
  • Single to multiple layer (150+ layers) anti-reflective coatings, filters, beam-splitters, band-passes, conductive and laser-specific coatings
  • Fine line and detailed reticle patterns using Photo-Resist Imagine (photolithography)
  • Almost 60 years of thin-film experience

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies has pioneered many of its performance improvements in modern optics based on advances in thin film coating techniques. Raytheon ELCAN has over 60 years of experience in thin film coating design and manufacture including anti-reflection, high reflection and hard-carbon protective coatings for eye and sensor protection, beam splitting, electrical conductivity and other performance enhancements.

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About Optical Coatings

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