Precision Assembly

The Optical Assembly Group staff is highly trained in lens mounting centration and optical alignment, specializing in precision assemblies in which plus or minus a single microm ruins the assembly.

Assembly of components takes place in climate-controlled clean rooms, using non-contact interferometers and alignment equipment to ensure accurate lens mounting, centering and focusing, mount integration and calibration.

Proprietary centering equipment is used to guarantee accuracy on each individual lens element when it is mounted into its cell. The capabilities of this group also include:

  • optoelectronic and optomechanical assembly
  • precision lens assembly and
  • the ability to perform fine mechanical alignment and assembly for complex instruments.

For high volume production, automated alignment and test benches are available. These become dedicated for specific projects and are capable of fully computerized operation. Large quantities of extremely precise assemblies are therefore produced in short periods of time.

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