Raytheon ELCAN is a fully integrated company with a suite of capabilities to meet your program goals. Having all these capabilities managed by one customer-focused Program Management team allows the design and prototype phase to benefit from years of production experience over all aspects of optical, opto-mechanical and opto-electronic fabrication. By being included early in the design phase, as part of the Integrated Product Team, Raytheon ELCAN can design for manufacturability from the beginning. This approach can shorten program cycle times and produce most cost-effective and reliable products in record times.

How can you maximize your development time and protect your investment?

The key at Raytheon ELCAN is to start with manufacturing success in mind and work backward to the optimum design. We live and breathe in high volume production environments and know how to optimize each step of your project.

Right for performance, right for cost.

Raytheon ELCAN designers work as a team with Process Engineers and Production Planners. We know that doing the design right from the beginning ensures the finished sub-system, assembly or product will meet all your program goals.

Raytheon ELCAN works to provide the optimum solution for each customer encompassing customized resources and flexible production lines.


Englightened Design & Manufacturing

High Performance Technical Computing

Revolutionary Spectroscopy

“ELCAN has provided LabNow with a level of expertise that would have been impossible to bring in-house. They have functioned as a virtual engineering team and have made invaluable contributions to the development of our product. From the start, ELCAN has provided design and development services with commercialization in mind. Having a group of highly competent engineers excited about design challenges that never lose sight of our business constraints is fantastic! ELCAN has proven to be the kind of development partner that one hopes for but seldom finds.”

Bryon Bhagwandin, Ph.D.
President, LabNow Inc.

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